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MToS: What More Can I Say

Here is the 2nd installment of the My Type of Song project. It’s from What More Can I Say by Jay-Z (2003).

With all projects, it started with a sketch. Lucky for me I already had some clear ideas, so this process went rather quickly.

Instead of the normal process of scanning and pen-tooling in Illustrator, I went straight to the latter and hoped that I could “wing it”.

I made these blue diagonal lines as a grid to ensure that all my curves and angles were consistent. I ended up changing a few letter forms along the way that weren’t originally sketched out.

I’ve been lousy at tracking hours for personal projects lately, but I think that this was one of my faster start to finish projects. Stay tuned, as I already have installments 3 and 4 sketched out!

Paid in Spades & Alphabet

Here’s the third installment to my playing card series.

Diamond Alphabet complete!

On to spades and hearts!

All that glitter ain’t gold

More experimental type. After doing the club-type letters, I decided to make all 4 (diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades). The other two and complete alphabets to follow.

Home Grown Blends

Some type work I did for the homies over at Home Grown Blends.

Club Alphabet

After a coffee w/ my fellow Illtyper, it was concluded that we both need to both get back on the creativity bus. With that being said, I doodled a doodle, got home and took it to vector, and then this morning, decided to give it a full push. So, here’s the latest to pop out of this noggin:

Pineapple Express P2


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