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Sketchies 021209

Here are some doodles from yesterday’s class. I’m on a rockabilly kick after seeing this. I’m gonna try my best to have a little something ready for a valentines day post. Peace.


Sketchies 020609

My newest sketchbook has more randomness than anything, but I’ve singled out some of the funner things to share with you.

Old Sketchbook

I’m in dire need of drawing practice. The saying is true, “you don’t use it, you lose it”. This is an oldie (Dec 06), but it represents what I’d again like to be doing, so expect a newie soon.

Aiko: Peace Out!

The little homie Aiko is leaving for Japan soon, so I thought that I might send her off with the various sketches that I’ve done of her this semester. Her array of looks and style made for a fun subject to draw. Peace out Aiko!

This last one is my favorite!

Face Process

During my Product Design class, I referenced a face and drew it three times. In the end, I shared the all three pictures with a couple of my classmates and explained the process that led to the final – and figured I’d share that info online! Before I start, here’s the picture I used:

The top drawing was my first attempt. I used a fine tip sharpie and drew it just like I saw it – no guidelines. After 5 minutes, I stopped and evaluated my work.

About 5 minutes later, I drew it again (without reference) to see if I really understood what I drew the first time (took about 3 minutes). I then looked at the placement of her eyes and lips and then drew a grid to understand their relationship and what I might change differently.

This was my final attempt (20 min). This time, I started with a quick pencil sketch to make sure all my proportions were correct. After 8 minutes or so, I loosely traced the lines with a fine tip sharpie (for an intentional sketchy look) and then added finishing highlights with a Tria marker (yeah, it doesn’t look EXACTLY like the picture, but you get the idea!).

As I always tell my drawing buddies – sketch with a pen! 1, the lines always show up better, and 2, you record your mistakes (you can’t erase!). That way, when you finally do decide to commit to a drawing that isn’t a sketch, the pencil gives you the freedom to correct, however, you’re already semi-trained to get it right from the jump! And that’s wussup.


One of my weekly assignments includes word interpretation. The only restriction is that it cannot be produced digitally (not exclusively anyways – no PS or Illustrator). My word is Elated. Without further ado, here are some of the better interpretations:

A Very Necessary Update

For the time being, school accounts for about a third of ALL my time, making it hard to properly maintain this site. As it progresses, I’ll be sure to share some of my more interesting projects, including photography (I’m taking Photojournalism). Right now, my school projects aren’t share-worthy. However, I’m still sketching, and with that, here are some of the more notable sketches. Oh yeah, another Kirigami card is in the works…

September 3rd

September 9th

September 11th

*in case you’re wondering, the last two are assignments for my interior design class… weird, I know.


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