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Sneaker Justified

My AM90: WTRMLN’s got another feature on FORMATMAG.COM. Though the custom process wasn’t easy by any measure, all this press definitely warrants consideration for doing another pair. Check the MISC tab at the top of the page for the sneaker pics.

However, Steph so graciously bought a watermelon so that we could do a second photo shoot. Here’s the best of the bunch (no after effects):



Crush-O-Matic is a Funk Festival in SF showcasing DJs, Live Art, B-boys, and fashion (read more here). I’ll be in the city that day, so I’ll be stopping by and showcasing my AM90: WTRMLNs and other art in addition to selling Baduizm prints at $5. Stop on by and show some love. Peace.

Sneaker Obsession

Good news – my AM90: WTRMLNs have been featured on the site Sneaker Obsession. In addition to showcasing custom kicks, they also provide news and updates to everything sneaker – what’s new, what’s coming out, relative clothing, etc. Their feature will definitely send some traffic this way, so it’s only fitting that I give the love back… so check them out! Peace.

AM90: WTRMLN (Final)

Total time – 11hrs 15min. This includes prep work, paint mixing, and painting. Here are some notables:
– I should have used spray paint on the soles (would’ve saved time).
– Decided to not paint “Air Max”. Thought it might be overkill.
– I was going to use red for the final panels, but stayed true to pink. I’ll continue shopping for the right laces.

Anyways, the following pictures can all be clicked for hi-res. Additionally, none of the pics have undergone any Photoshop aftereffects. I shot the pics in today’s light – so what you see is what you get. Any suggestions or thoughts, please leave a comment!

AM90: WTRMLN (9 hrs)

I finished painting the soles and picked up some laces. Here are some notables:
– Using acrylics on the soles requires 2 coats
– I won’t be painting the soles further, deviating from the original idea. Also, the green on the soles is more saturated than both other greens, however, it seems to work out better (no kidding!)

The red laces are really red. I was going to paint the remaining panels exactly the same hue as the laces, but instead, I’ll use a desaturated red. Click on pic for hi-res.

AM90: WTRMLN (8hrs)

Here’s what I’ve done since my last update:
– Painted the contrasting watermelon green stripes
– Painted the soles white (except for the part that’ll have the watermelon colors)

I went shopping for laces yesterday and decided that pink won’t work. At least not the hot pink that’s widely available. I’ll likely go with a light red. The laces color will ultimately determine the red hue for the final panel to be colored.

Bonus: Click on the pictures for hi-res

AM90: WTRMLN (5hr 45min)

Finished painting the tongues. During this process, I manipulated the tongue a few times to cover every visible area. At one point, I had established a severe crease at the base of the tongue. When flattened back out, the paint had cracked off inside the crease. I’m not sure if this was due to the excessive temporary creasing or not allowing enough time for the paint to set. I’ll have to figure this out, as I want to actually wear the shoes in addition to them being art. The creases were repainted.


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