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Oh Pitiful Shadow…

Just a fanart/typography mashup for a series I just finished. She’s Ai from the Hell Girl anime.


Actin’ Funny

The Breakthrough

My homie Caesar recently released mixtape. I did some letter work on the flier/cd, but after hearing the music, felt compelled to do more. I ended up making a typography project out of it using the track names from the entire album. Click here to download album. Peace.

/\/\ Up top, the printed poster. Below, the digital version \/\/


I’m sure to revisit this, but for now…

It’s cool when you freak to the beat, but…

Circle Design – KrosswerX

About a week ago, a fellow happened upon my site. He ended up liking my circle design (see Type page) and wanted to know if I could replicate the treatment for his company KrosswerX. “Of course!” I replied. Moving forward, I created and delivered to him a custom design. Moving even further forward, I’ve since played with it an mocked up just one of many potential shirt possibilities for it.

Credit to djsoundwave for the shirt template


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