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Just like candy

Something for now, but saving it for later.


Diamond Alphabet complete!

On to spades and hearts!

Pineapple Express P2

Because you never know…

New Banner

I’ve never had a custom banner for this site, but now that I’ve purchased the domain (, it’s about time I have one. Here’s one of the iterations that I really liked. I’ll be using the same letter style, but the colors and layout will be different.

Also, I got a new project in the works with the gretch – I’ll fill you in more as it begins to take shape.

Rebellion Illustration

While in SD, I hooked up with the homie Rebellion, and after a few words, a few beers, and a few bucks, we finally put in motion to create an illustration for promotional pieces. As with any project, the first part is creating some roughs. These are probably less than 2″ square:

I didn’t have to create too many, since I’ve worked with him before and I had a good idea as to what he wanted. Nonetheless, I ended up vectorizing all three, but as they began to take shape, one definitely stood out from the pack. Moving forward, I created both a color and b/w version of the top sketch:

Pardon the length between posts – I’ve been fortunate enough to be busy these past couple months. I’m on the grind again, so expect more regularity with posts (re: not a month!)

Chun Leezy

Add another to the SF2 series.


Hi, I’m Eric and I created this site to document and share my design process and finished products. If there’s anything you like (or dislike), leave me a comment or send me an email at designby31216 at gmail dot com. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the show!

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