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Thank You 2010

A big thank you to all visitors of my site! With a new year comes a new opportunity to kick start this blog again and post more regularly. Have a great 2011!



As you know, I nerd out with Lego and call it design! Not too long ago I finished making the four characters from this game based off the Wii version (which I can’t get enough of). Click on either the pic to see the entire set (opens in new window).

The initial mock ups always have the most character!

Illtype update

Here are a few things I posted on Illtype from the previous months.

And so it begins…

New poster. Stage 1 – pencils.

After speaking with my cousin, I dropped a line about how hard hustlin’ was… which sparked a new project!

Actin’ Funny

Paid in Spades & Alphabet

Here’s the third installment to my playing card series.

Cakebox Revisited

Almost a year later, the girls at Cakebox Cupcakery are still going strong. Since they are now busier than ever, it was time to evaluate their needs and make adjustments accordingly.

The first step was to revisit their business cards. These are taped to the box of every order, so it was necessary to make sure that it functioned as a label first, then a contact second.

The next step was getting them a website. Some of the features include a rollover on the FLAVORS section that would provide a description and image for each available flavor.

Here’s wishing them another successful year and years to come!

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