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New Lego Builds

New MOC’s from yesterday



As you know, I nerd out with Lego and call it design! Not too long ago I finished making the four characters from this game based off the Wii version (which I can’t get enough of). Click on either the pic to see the entire set (opens in new window).

The initial mock ups always have the most character!

More Lego stuff

Updated my Flickr page with new Lego creations. See all of them here!

Gifts from next door

While I normally don’t post anything art related (or not by me), this is the exception. Well, for one, food is art. And two, since it was given to Steph and I, we kinda do have ownership of it… so I guess this post isn’t too far off topic after all.

Anyways, we have a neighbor who’s a pastry chef. For the past three weeks, he and his wife have given us treats that he makes at work (it’s a conspiracy to get us chubby). Believe it or not, they’re tastier than they look – and they look mighty tasty!

This first one was a chocolate torte that tasted like Twix. I had a slice every morning!

Mini-lemon tarts… not too tart and just the right amount of sweet.


This post is dedicated to my friend from Japan who’s looking into becoming a pastry chef. Based on what I’ve seen her design, I know that she can totally do it!


Last Saturday, the EKGM crew took a screenprinting class in the Mission. We each created an 8.5 x 11″ poster that featured our logo and mission statement. Being on a recent analog kick, I went with a non-digital design:

Here are some of the other items I produced while there:

Lastly, here’s a collage I made using everyone’s poster:

You can check out everyone’s posters at the EKGM blog. Peace.

Legos: 1st installation

I love Legos. Always have, always will. Here are some MOC’s (my own creation) I made some time ago. When I get the chance, I’ll create instructions… I might even package them as my own sets and use them as gifts!

1st Quarter Pics

I’m taking a photojournalism class this semester and am finding that good pictures don’t come that often. However, I have managed to take a few that I really like. I’m assuming that the more I shoot, the better I’ll get. Anyways, here are my favs so far:


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