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Just like candy

Something for now, but saving it for later.


Oh Pitiful Shadow…

Just a fanart/typography mashup for a series I just finished. She’s Ai from the Hell Girl anime.

Elevators: The Process

This project was originally hatched in August 2010. The original concepts revolved around the types of elevators you see in older buildings, where a gate has to be shut with the old half dials showing the location on the floors. The idea was obviously ‘meh’, as the project sat on the back burner until I recently did the Thank You type. After sketching a few new ideas, I went to work on the next step – composition.

At this stage, I actually tried a new approach – tracing. I traced each piece individually and began assembling the pieces until I was satisfied with the layout (admittedly, this took a few tries to get it right, as I had initially had tried to trace the entire composition before I figured out that if I didn’t like what I had, I had to retrace it again!). From there, I scanned the pieces and again laid them out in Photoshop.

The final step was taking this scan into Illustrator and pen-tooling and nudging to my heart’s content. Once everything was tediously fit together, I clipped the extra lines, joined broken ends, and called it a day.

I did try some things like filling in the strokes, but the added weight changed the overall feel of the piece. Before too long, I hope to do a three color silk screen out of it. Thanks for watching.


MToS: Elevators

The first of a new project titled My Type of Song (MToS). First up to bat, Elevators by Outkast circa 1996. Another post with the process to come…

Thanks… again :)

I was a little hasty in posting the first version, but now I think I’m really done.

Illtype update

Here are a few things I posted on Illtype from the previous months.

And so it begins…

New poster. Stage 1 – pencils.

After speaking with my cousin, I dropped a line about how hard hustlin’ was… which sparked a new project!


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