Experimental Type

Here’s the quick design brief:

Choose a topic (Experimental Type), define and explore words that describe your topic, then construct a concept map.

Obviously, the latter is where the designer (aka me) would have an opportunity to get creative. Since I ride the BART almost daily, I figured that I’d lay out my map similar to a transit map. While this presented a number of design challenges, one of the more labor intensive challenges was constructing the map itself. However, once that was settled, the rest was considerably easier – admittedly, everything else still required detailed attention, but not like the map did. Anyways, here’s the final:

Lastly, big shout out to my local printers – Copymat. Not only are they the bomb dot com, the guys there took the time out to help me mount it (crazy easier with two people) in addition to teaching me a few tricks. Thanks again.

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