Chez Moi (part 2.2)

Why part 2.2 and not just 3.0? Since I’ve only made minor adjustments since part 2, I didn’t feel that it warranted calling it a new part. Ok, now that the technicalities are out of the way, here’s the update.

First, InDesign is weird. How? If you attempt to make a book fold project, using Facing Pages, the number when halved has to be even. “What”, you ask? For instance, if you’re making a booklet that is 8 pages total (6 pages, and a page each for the cover and back), when halved, you get 4. That’s awesome! InDesign is perfect! However, when you’re making a 10 page booklet, half it, and it’s 5. Seems ok, but there’s no printing option to account for this. Anyways, part of the design process is accommodating this non-option, and I found that I could’ve just done this project in Illustrator. Why? Because I’m laying out 2 pages on a single space that is manually halved with guidelines.

Second, on to the design! I’ve moved the logo and have sold myself of the borders. Yeah, I know some people don’t like it (you know who you are!), but it gives the pages some much need separation. As for the third image, it’s a mock-up for the poster I want to make. However, the image is ripped, and isn’t big, so will likely suffer when sized up. And no, no stock images exist for it. However, I’m in love with the image, so I’ve figured out another way to use it. Stay tuned…

Alright, enough rambling, here we go…

Menu Cover / Back
Menu Inside
Possible Poster


1 Response to “Chez Moi (part 2.2)”

  1. 1 the gretch! April 27, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Haha, it was only suggestion! But it looks like it’s turning out well… Can’t wait to see it!

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